IPF and Sleep: Common pathways and implications in therapy


Endorsed by the European Respiratory Society



Organizers:    ERS 1.05 ILD Group : V. Poletti, K. Antoniou

Working Group of Sleep Disorders of Hellenic Thoracic Society: S.Schiza,Ch.Mermigkis and

Working Group of ILD of Hellenic Thoracic Society: Z.Daniil, K. Antoniou



Welcome by V. Poletti (President of ERS, ILD Group), K.Gourgouliannis (President of Hellenic Thoracic Society) and E.Clini (Head of the ERS Clinical Assembly)




Opening Session: Z.Daniil, D.Papakosta (9.00-10.00am)


Diagnosis of Sleep Disordered Breathing: Things we need to know (S. Schiza)


Clinical Phenotypes in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, V. Poletti


A.  Filling the gap between physiology and clinical practice (10.00-11.30),


 Chairing: S. Constantopoulos, M. Alchanatis,E. Clini


  1. Lung mechanics and breathing patterns in IPF during wakefulness and sleep (V. Polychronopoulos)
  2. Nocturnal oxygen desaturation in IPF: Predictive factors and clinical significance  (S. Papiris)
  3.  Sleep architecture alterations and their clinical significance in IPF (P. Steiropoulos)
  4. Pathophysiology of pulmonary vasculature in  IPF and Sleep Disorders: The role of pulmonary hypertension: ( S.Harari) sharari@ilpolmone.it 



11.30-12.00 Coffee break


B. Common Links in Pathogenesis (12.00 -2.00pm)


Chairing: V.Poletti (venerino.poletti@gmail.com)  , NM.Siafakas (siafak@med.uoc.gr),   DA.Spandidos (spandidos@spandidos.gr)


1. Pathogenesis of IPF:  an overview, D. Bouros

2. Epigenetic and microRNA signatures in IPF : G.Sourvinos (sourvino@med.uoc.gr)

3. The role of oxidative stress: a common link? E. Tzortzaki (tzortzaki@med.uoc.gr)

4.Search of biomarkers in OSA and IPFs: an emerging role, Z. Daniil (zdaniil@med.uoc.gr)




Lunch Break: 2.00-3.30 pm



C.Sleep Disorders and IPF: Thinking outside of the Lung (3.30- 5.00pm)


Chairing : S.Zakynthinos (szakynthinos@yahoo.com) , S.Harari, P.Argyropoulou-Pataka


1. OSAS in IPF: A new ''overlap'' syndrome? E.Manali


2. IPF comorbidities and their potential relevance to OSA: K.Antoniou


3. Sleep disturbances in Connective Tissue Disorders , G.Margaritopoulos (gmargaritop@yahoo.com)


4. The role of nose in OSA: Novel insights, Y.Koutsourelakis (ykoutsourelakis@yahoo.gr )




5.00- 5. 30 pm: Coffee break



D.  Treatment of Sleep Disorders in ILD (5.30 -7 .30 pm )


Chairing: D. Bouros, S.Papiris, V.Poletti  


1. IPF: From clinical trial to real-life treatment: the emerging role of pirfenidone U.Costabel (Ulrich.Costabel@ruhrlandklinik.uk-essen.de)

2. CPAP treatment in IPF: beyond medical treatment,  C. Mermigkis

3. Indications for nocturnal oxygen therapy in IPF,  E.Renzoni  (e.renzoni@imperial.ac.uk)

4.The role of rehabiliatation in IPF, E. Clini  (clini.enrico@villapineta.it )



Closing Remarks: K. Antoniou, S. Schiza (schiza@med.uoc.gr) , (7.30 - 8 pm)


Areas of research need in IPF and Sleep (C. Mermighis)